Vikings on BBC2

Viking raiders or Frankish nobility?

Vikings on BBC2

Postby Mike@ConquestGames » Thu Sep 13, 2012 9:46 am

I managed to just catch this on TV whilst channel surfing on Tuesday night (11th September). It is a new documenatry series hosted by Neil Oliver. I enjoyed it for the prehistoric stuff this week as I only know a little about this period of Scandinavia's past. There was a lot of archaeology involved, so that really caught my attention - some of the boats/ships isplayed in the museums were truly amazing. I have seen a few in real life on trips to Bergen and Trondheim, but the Oseberg was really impressive on the show. This is an extract from The Guardian about it...

According to Neil Oliver, what we think we know about the Vikings is "much more myth than reality". Bidding to offer a more nuanced picture, the tousled archaeologist travels to Scandinavia to see proof of the Norsemen's prehistoric ancestors. Key here is the idea that Viking civilisation has roots largely untouched by southern influence. In "an extra 1,000 years of being left alone", the Vikings eschewed literacy and new religions, but created a sea-going, polytheistic culture that emphasised glory in this life. Jonathan Wright

Hopefully it will trace their history right through to Britain and Normandy.

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