Plastic Norman Crossbowmen

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Plastic Norman Crossbowmen

Postby Baker » Thu Jan 04, 2018 4:22 pm

Hi all! When I bought my first plastic box of norman for a Saga army I wanted to use it as much as I could. Time ago, after having used all the infantry that I needed it came to me the idea to do my own crossbowmen using them (I don't have any problem with metal ones :? but I'm used to go short of money so..). I tried a lot of different compositions from other manufacturers, no ones fit well maybe for the size, the cuts or just because they weren't from the norman age.

Finally, as I promised, I have the pleasure to show you my first 4 crossbowmen for my army. I wanted to do 3 or 4 firing and the other ones charging or in other position that fits fine. I'm not good with conversions or with painting (I will update when I have time to paint them) but there are they:

For these ones I have used: Sprues of norman infantry, sprues of medieval archers and crossbows from Foot Seargents from Firegorge. I know they are from Crusaders but if you cut the metal part I think they fit quite well. Actually I cut them for the hands because if not they are so short. Just use a arm from conquest games plastics and attach the hand with the crossbow. For the firing one I used the archers body so I will order one sprue more to do the rest.

As you can see one of them is incomplete, I was just finding out which arm I should use... a corn? a sword? or just an arm pointing out? I'm not sure yet, we'll see.

I hope you like it, thank you so much for seeing it and sorry for my english (it's my third language so i'm still improving it)

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Re: Plastic Norman Crossbowmen

Postby Mike@ConquestGames » Wed Jan 31, 2018 7:47 pm

Hi Baker,

Those are great conversions. I really like what you have done with our minis. I would love to see them painted now.

Your English is great considering it is your 3rd language! Wow! I wish I could speak a second language.

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