Excellent Documentry

Deep in the mythical 13th Century, Robin Hood strode the mighty Greenwood righting the wrongs of the tryannical Sheriff of Nottingham

Excellent Documentry

Postby spr5858 » Tue Mar 26, 2013 7:11 pm

Just watched an episode of Fact or Fiction starring Tony Robinson. An excellent documentry and very thought provoking as to the origin of the the legends. I guess Robin is always going to be a bit of an enigma as its up to the indervidual who thier Robin is. Do you go Historical and stick with the Ballards? Early Modern with the Dashing Hero Type of Errol Flynn and Richard Greene? More Mystical with Robin of Sherwood? Or Later Movie Types such a portrade by Russell Crow and Kevin Costner?

I think my Robin is a mixture of the Ballards/ Errol Flynn/ Robin of Sherwood if thats possible. I certainly like researching the real Robin :geek:

Would be interested to hear what others think who the real Robin should be
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Re: Excellent Documentry

Postby Mike@ConquestGames » Sat Dec 14, 2013 12:41 pm


Sorry, I somehow missed this thread. As you can see from the miniatures we are about to start producing, I like the Robin Hood legend as portrayed around the time of Kings Richard and John, and the Barons' Wars. There are many other legends saying that he existed around the time of King Edward (but which one?). I really like the idea that Robin could have been based on a local lad from Kent (close to where I live) - William of Cassingham, or Willikin of the Weald. He supported King John when the freedom of England was at stake by fighting the French soldiers invading under King Louis' command from within the heavilly wooded Kent and Sussex countryside.

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