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Postby Mike@ConquestGames » Mon Dec 11, 2017 8:35 pm

The issues with Photobucket caused all sorts of problems for this forum, but I have managed to get my pictures moved to a new host site provided by my web designer. Anyway, these are a bit late in coming, but I thought I would place an entry in the forum for the new sets of Myths of Albion miniatures - the Wealdgeist; a set of forest dwelling beings called into action by the Green Man when his domain is under threat.


So far we have the Green Man himself, with several beings that help him protect his ancient demesne; dryads, sprites and elves alon with a hard hitting woodland giant, or ent.

There are many more to come in this particular set, but we also have offerings in other sets to come before we get back to these.
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