A Kickstarter

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A Kickstarter

Postby FleetfootMike » Wed Apr 24, 2013 10:19 am

So, Mike's laid down the gauntlet, so I'm happy to pick it up:

Supposing CG were to explore using Kickstarter or similar as a source of funding,
a) would you be interested in backing it?
b) what would you be interested in backing? i.e. what figure range, and how much?
c) how long would you be prepared to wait?

A question for Mike:

What kind of level of goal at the minimum would we be looking at? I'm very conscious that some KS's (that haven't perhaps been as well thought out or publicised as they might have been) have failed when really they didn't deserve to. Obviously, I'm not asking for a detailed set of CG accounts :D but it would be nice to have a feel for how much a run of plastic figures costs to set up, and thus roughly what a KS would be aiming for...

As for me?

I'd go for anything at all that fitted in as an opponent for my growing army of Normans/Crusaders, but particularly anything from the El Cid or Crusades settings (Saracens, Arabs, Berbers, Al-Andalus, Basque, Almoravid, Moorish, you name it) and I'd probably back at the 'whatever buys me a 3000pt WAB army' level plus a bit more for luck :D Waiting time? As long as it takes. I know you'll deliver.
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Re: A Kickstarter

Postby fisher40k » Sun Apr 28, 2013 4:58 pm

Well I would support a Kickstarter to help develop the Arab/Saracen area.

This is still missing.

I tend to go for the lower levers - so £50 for 3 boxes mix of Infantry and Horse (at choice).

So perhaps set the levels at multiples of boxes - 1, 2, 3, 5 etc.

Stretch targets of extra equipment and head sprue would be good - especially to mix Arab/Saracens heads on Normans for Spanish/Italy or crusades.

Since the opposition seem to be going Mongol this would be a good time to get in quick!!
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